Thoughts/brain storming

For my next project, we are suppose to tell a story through the technology of google maps. Using this, il map out exact details such as where it happened,when it occurred ,what went down and who I was with.

My conflict with this is every I come up with just seem to big for such narrow constrictions of google maps which to me seems like a very logical software.

I want to tell a story that makes people question their every day routine because that is what time and map is to me, your everyday life and why events takes place.

We have to stick with a type of rule so that our walk has structure. I’m not really into that so what I thought was fun would be, if there’s a sign saying left, you go right. I mean sometimes you learn the most from the wrong turns.

If anyone has an interesting idea on here, I would love to no because I am posting to the internet and hopefully someone is reading this.


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