Video phenomenon – first kiss

Im sure many of you have stumbled across this video pop up on your feed through social media platforms. It’s a video of twenty complete strangers sharing the intimate moment of their first kiss. It’s amazing how raw and vulnerable these people are in front the camera.

Something I really adore about this video is it’s ability to connect to others whilst being so simple. Isn’t it profound that just a short 3 minute video could reach and touch so many people. It’s the action that speaks rather than any words and the video has it’s own language.

I also really like how it’s in black and white. That’s really refreshing to see because now days as technology gets better each day, you’re constantly looking at bright and vibrant colours. It’s easy to get lost but a monochromatic theme is really classic and timeless.

As a media student study visual arts, I jump for joy when I find videos such as these. I’m always looking to make pieces that will interact with others and make them step out of their current reality. I struggle to translate my vision with media but this video encapsulated the artists views perfectly and credit to them as it’s not always easy.

Doesn’t it make you question why is it that a video like this goes viral? How something becomes a phenomenon on the internet ?

I think in the end, without it’s embellishments, media art through the net is all about speech and opinions. Whether your commenting or complimenting, it’s a platform for your voice to be heard. Videos such as these are about getting out there and connecting to others visually.


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