Phone camera

Have u ever wondered how photos even existed before iPhone cameras came about? Of course there was the point and shoot cameras and other devices but isn’t it interesting that most of the time we reach or even rely on the camera that’s built in with our phones ?

For my assignment, I used my phone to record experiences and conversations with others. I also took photos and captured videos using the camera tool. It’s such a multi purpose device.

During a dinner discussion with my friends, we talked about how we never have hard copies of our photos or most them are in our camera log instead of being in an album or hung up on the wall. It’s interesting that we have conditioned ourselves to instinctually pull our phones out to take a picture when it’s main purpose is for communication.

The benefits of it that I value a lot is how you can capture almost any instant moment and in a matter of seconds someone else is virtually seeing what’s happening/happened without even being there. Sharing and connecting to loved ones is literally a couple of taps away.


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