“Fall inlove with me”

<a href="

” title=””Fall inlove with me””>”Fall inlove with me”

This was the map I composed for media assignment. I wanted to tell a story of something so common and something so undervalue such as first dates. You know that saying “First impressions matters?” The people we meet in everyday lives help create who we are and who we dont want to be. Its the very first times of everything become special memories. These chain of events conjure up alot of emotions such as feeling nervous or dissapointed.

I loved using all the different types of media and learning to upload and edit movies and just getting myself more aware of new programs out there. I love how I’ve traced my every movement and how it made me feel. I feel like I was able to express to everyone what happened and they would get an indepth sense of how it was and why we were there at the present time.



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