Artists Review – Scott Sona Snibble


Transit is a large-scale video installation in the Los Angeles International Airport’s Tom Bradley International Terminal that plays on fifty-eight back-to-back HD monitors curving above the arrivals waiting area. The fifteen-minute video features hundreds of pedestrians in silhouette who take part in a loose narrative grounded in their ceaseless movements left to right. Against this backdrop, travelers occasionally put down their bags and break into exuberant dance routines in styles that reflect L.A.’s diversity: from Hip-Hop to Salsa, Ballet, and Punk.


My idea of art is the ones that conjure up some sort of emotions and in media art there so much of that because a lot of it is through interaction. Interactive art is something incredible because people don’t even realise they’re connecting with something until maybe after.

With this work what I love about it is that it makes you smile, its very light hearted. Its located in a very busy place where people barricade every single day to travel. It’s a simple part of someone’s routine and probably not their favourite. I like the idea behind it and I like how simple it is. This artist uses a lot of reflections and shadows as his base project because it shows our own nature just in its raw organic form.

His other work are very inspiring. The falling girl interactive piece is very subtle but the message it loud. The progression as she falls is something very beautiful because its a part of life that we all grow up and change and grow and get old. It’s evitable and he embraces the idea. The piece is about people acknowledging and accepting that life is beautiful and as humans we spend a lot of time worrying about all the unnecessary petty things that come with it when we should just enjoy it.



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