Dove Media art campaigne

This probably is a tangent from the course but I was just on YouTube researching art and advertising and one that was a really good example was dove.

In its 10 minute or so video, people are objected to a task of describing themselves and their perception of how they look on a piece of paper. Half way through the video, a person who they just met earlier describes what their impressions were of the other person. During this whole process an artist is drawing out the descriptions. At the end is a side by side comparison and peoples reaction to how they think they look and how they might look in someone else’s eyes.

This has a lot more to do with advertising than art or media but I thought there’s  a connection because it’s using simple practices like drawing then forwarding that to a video where it’s posted on a social media platform for all to view.

I love how they use this technique to advertise their brand but also advise a message of self love and self respect. It shows how critical we are of ourselves compared to others and that we are our harshest assessors. To me this isn’t just advertising but its art because its making people question their own perception of beauty and their reflection. Its a very clever marketing idea. Dove have a lot of these media /interactive video and I think its commendable on it’s part.



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