Imovie or Premiere pro?

During this course, it was my first time using editing software such as iMovie or Premier pro because very cool me always used a windows and with that came movie maker etc. I felt very out of place with all this new technology so I thought the best way to go about this would be to do as much research and get to know the basics before it was crunch time.

First Impressions :

When I first opened iMovie, I noticed how different the interfaced looked to movie maker. It looked very complex and all the tools all seemed very encrypted. After having a little play, I soon found that it offered everything a normal editing programme would. I think that its a very straight forward software but I didn’t find anything special about it and maybe I came into it expecting more from a programme belonging to apple. I think I would use this for short editing and something that doesn’t require a lot of editing. I didn’t like how the editing sequence was on the side and that was quite confusing for me.

First impressions of this software wasn’t much off to iMovie, opened it and it looked quite similar with the same colour scheme. After playing with it, I do like it a little better than iMovie only because there is much more effects and options available and you can also adjust it to your own preference. I like how some of them don’t come off quite as tacky or obvious as in iMovie. I like how the interface is set out with the editing bar at the bottom and that’s probably just my preference but to me it makes more sense. I think for my assignment I will be using this software.

Concluding I think both programme are great and get the job done, its really just up to preference. I think iMovie is quite simple but it’s just another editing software. I like premier pro because it offers a lot of options for editing and still keeps it quite easy to follow.




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