My idea for Assignment

We had to use a mapping tool like Google map to tell a story in our next assignment. Immediately I knew that I wouldn’t to stay within the boxes. I didn’t want to as literal as I was in my first task where I specifically used a map. I thought what we go through everyday as human, the emotions, the physical motions and what it takes to get through day by day. The first thing that came into my head was our biggest organ and muscle which is the brain. Its a constant factor in our lives everyday and somewhat invisible. I wanted to document what happens to our brains and map out what a daily journey would look like through the brain.

I decided the best way to present this would be would b through a short clip motion movie where I would use images/stills as it would produce the best impact.

It makes me excited to be doing such an intricate idea but then very very anxious because it could turn out to be so imaginative that it just doesn’t translate and that’s important to me. In the next few days I’m going to need to do a lot of testing and trials of ideas such as finding ct scans and x-rays and see what direction I can take it in.



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