X-ray art


I was experimenting with some x-rays and scans for my assignment and I was struggling with scanning them through to the computer and still obtaining a good quality. I searched on many online forums and most people just suggested to use a camera to take a photo of it while it was on a light box. I wanted these photos to then be used to make a short clip movie so they had to obtain great detail.

Going off topic, an artist by the name Hugh popped up when I searched X-ray art. I never even thought about negatives in that way before seeing these works. It’s just so unusual and intriguing as to me it translates as survalince viewing almost. You literally can’t hide and all your seams and flaws are on show instead of the final polish. It’s the beauty of showing the behind scenes of something, the mechanics of what makes an object work whether it be for medical use like a ct scan or for security like in airports.


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