Learning about effects and tools of premiere pro cc

I have spent the last week of so playing around with this editing program. I’m making a short movie clip using photos.

Firstly what I learnt is that always use make sure you have extra head and tail footage especially if your filming and using motion. I like the interface especially being able to zoom the timeline. I experienced several issues such as rippling. When I would change the duration of a slide it would leave ripples in the missing time where the image use to be. This is why I have learn to really appreciate the internet and platforms such as YouTube as they provide great visual tutorials and really helped me. These online guides gave me little tips and hints that a beginner wouldn’t know of.

I love being able to edit my images or footages straight from the program itself. This feature makes it so much more professional than using any other editing software. I used the blending tool and the distort option. The warning here is though, sometimes these effects can take over the movie and become tacky so I had to use a light hand.

It was very tricky, I am not going to lie. It took several tries and failed attempts before I started getting into it and really understand where and how to use all of it’s tools.

I’m still researching and watching as many tutorials as I can to get to know this software.


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