Brain Map

The biggest map we take in our journey of life is through the brain. Each sequence contain a condense code, full of triggers that affect our everyday world. From waking up to walking home, its our daily routine that stamps the memorable events and emotions that is attached to them. Our brain records each breathing step we take, the trauma we face, the obstacles we overcome, the joy we find in others and the usual mundane.
To me, a map doesn’t just record where we went; it documents emotions, what we felt and its evolution from the very beginning to the end. It is that little chunk of time that might define and make us who we are after or it might be a pointless wonder. Nonetheless, we choose to repeatedly take its route each day.
Every time we go on holiday or road trip or some significant event, we instinctively grab our cameras. I feel the brain is our internal photo bank that we sometimes disregard because it doesn’t offer any physical evidence. That is the beauty of it all. It allows us to revisit if we want to. It also discards the places/events in our time line that we would rather not relive. However it never chooses to delete. You might eventually forget but it is stored in you forever.
My constant motivator, my best friend always, my worst enemy at times, and the one constant road I take everyday.


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