Google Interactive

Google Interactive

What is the most visited site in the whole world? Google of course.

Everyone uses Google as a link line to whichever destination they want to reach on the internet.

Have you seen lately that Google’s unique logo has been transformed into different colourful art pieces that are relevant to from pop-culture references? Something that caught my eye is the Rubik cubes x Google logo. It was my natural instinct to just click on it and expect to get onto some advertising page but instead it was spinning around and I even got to play with it then at the end was three linked signs and one would take me to the history, another would be to share since that is just universally available in pretty much everything you nowadays and its extra advertising. They’re still staying true to their own branding because the logo still only has the colours that we know Google to be associated for.

I think this is a great innovative by Google and it allows people to get involved and learn. Its a very subtle way of advertising and making money as well but it doesn’t scare people off because its not intimidating looking or look like a gimmick. I think there is something beautiful to be said when advertising meets art and the two work hand in hand together to work in unity. These days even if your art is good, artists still need to make money and this is a great way for them to get commission and be recognised an a larger platform.

Have a play, its not just a temporary thing, Google always has to these interactive pieces replacing their logos.


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