Its a pretty interesting read.. kind of long too haha but if you skip to some of the installations there are some good examples of using metaphors.. in the description of Encounters it says..

Each participant entered an immersive abstract sonic, animated world, and was enticed to sit in a centrally located seat. When the participant sat down, they triggered the emergence of a distant, abstracted ethereal figure that slowly moved towards the participant. When the figure arrived in front of the participant, it asked an introspective question. After a moment of contemplation, the figure retreated into the distance and transformed into a tree-like form that metaphorically represented self-actualization and growth.

Group Member : Brianna’s Comments

We are working in a group and I think for it to be successful, it needs to be a meshing of everyone’s creative ideas and how they can transform into something bigger.

I think the idea that one member was this, just making people feel and creating an environment for that, we have the same approach and we just need to find common ground.



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