ARTIST: John Mccormack

Last night, I blogged about the google x logos interactive art piece on the home page. Today in class, the teacher showed us this artsit who used computer coding to make his work. He incoporates the logos of large oil companies to make new breeding of floral species. My first opinion of these pieces were they looked pretty and each they looked like some sort of endangered plant family. It wasnt until I listened to him talk and explain the meaning and context behind his work that I really opened my eyes and mind to it. Looking further into the intricte details of each flower, do you start to see beauty in it.

My post isnt focused on his work but more about the conective experience someone share with art when theyre in an immsersive environment and have to let go. Alot of art works or most of them have meaning and reasoning behind it. Whether its imput into the current social issues or just the everyday underlying topics, its purpose is to provoke and ask you why things are the way they are. I think we have to think of this world as more of an interdependance society because we can exist just on our own. What I love about his art work is the collison between machine and man. He even qouted himself in on our his videos, he sees the computer and its technologies not as a mens but almost like a partner. This is interesting because when weve seen collaborative works its been with two or more people and not a computer. Giving life and meaning to it has given the final pieces its attachment.

In relation to the google post, well I think its increasing evident that if you have something to say, alot of the time you refer back to art. Think back to the great depression, the only way of speech was a piece of art. Its alarming for someone to use the logo of the very corporation you’re speaking bout. Being an artist, sometimes you have to create controversy and make a big bold statement for your opinons or views to be heard. Being loud in this way is an asset because the companies themselves will stop and see what your talking about. Whether your advertising like google or your protesting, its a unique way to advocate a message out there. You can be as subtle as Jon, by incorporating them into the art work as a body or as direct by simply plonking a big red cross against it.

There are so many things on this planet that are constantly evolving and if we ask ourselfs why they are, we are then facing its reality and having to face the current consequnces on our lives.

Check out Jon’s work because he does immersive instalations also and theyre great and he does bio-art beautifully.


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