“It’s true, I got it from Google”

Its a very Google based week here, theres just something about it that keeps popping up on my radar.

I was browsing as you do whilst in class, something that extremely caught my eyes was this qoute below:

“You Google something, and you think that’s it, but you still don’t know it’s true, “ she said. “So you’re taking a leap of faith, really, and it’s hard to verify anything.”

Why do we trust anything we see or read on the internet? Where did it become a good source of information?

I dont know about you, but there is a 99 percent chance il turn to google to search for anything, whether it be for academic purposes or for just a distracton. I don’t even remember who told me or how the idea that Google was reputable. I’m just going back through histroy and wondering to myself whether anything I’ve learnt from Google is true. Isn’t it interesting that most of the world rely on this network ? One where everything you find can be altered or adjusted. Things are put onto google with most intention to Share and we must not foget that. Sometimes it’s not always accurate information but more opnions and biased views on certain topics. Just like this blog, you could easily find it using the search bar but it isnt neceesarily correct in its info, but more just my views on certain things.

Comes back to the disscussion, where does the line cross between an over embellished sense of reality and what it really is.



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