Using transparency in editing software : NIGHTMARE

In high school, I took a course called multimedia and we created animations and little interesting videos with hardly any qaulity to them. Now in this media class, I’m on the look out for a software that will allow me to sophisticatedly animate signatures. They are esssentially just black curves and swirls.

From this experience, I can tell you that I am truly over technolgy and software. Just before this I had written a full length post on the reserach and all that jazz inovling this part of my project. I had saved it in drafts and then it just dissapeared. I guess that is what happens to your stuff sometimes when they are not in physical form. When you lose your work from your computer when it crashes or when you accidently press the wrong button, its not a good feeling to say the least. I feel like crying but I have to come to terms with the fact that I will never get it back and move on. So why do we trust technolgy and computers so much in our day to day life when it literally is just virtual matter. As humans we have just place such importance in it. I could truly say that I talk/see/touch my phone and computer more than I see my parents sometimes. In moments like theses Im comtemplating why on earth I would trust a computer with such important documents and work.

Anyways back on topic, editing my work so it would appear and stay transparent using editting programs such as premiere pro and such. I think the key to really acheiving clean work is practise and continuous use of it. I also found that youtube tutorials work in aiding when I was stuck. Like I said this is just a biref post as the other one got deleted and the more I think about it the worse I feel. After several hours, I finally got the hang of it and once you do, its pretty simple from there just a few minor tweaks. IF your gonna use any programes start off with research because then you will have background knowledge on it.

I hope that its not as stressful for everyone else as it was for me but I guess thats just a part of learning and developing skills. My teacher once said that technology and software is only as good as its creator. Essentially your using their mind and what theyve presented to you and if there are glinches, its not like you can really fix it. Just take a deep breathe and continue.


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