What is rain ?

I was searching on youtube for a video of new installations around the world and I came across this one. Its a must watch. My favourite part of this video was the ending, when the interviewer asked what they considered themselves to be they answered very celeverly. One said its open to interpretation and another said it he considered himself an artist and his work demonstrates everything he believes in and theres a motive behind it all. Its wonderful to sometimes see behind the scenes and see what people want you to believe and what their purpose was behind a peice of work.

This piece is essentially rain falling down in a dark room and its kinda of ironic because its inside and its not somewhere you generally see rain. Its a play on interaction and how art only works if someone else is present. The way this peice works is if you walk onto the rain it will stop and the panel you are under will stop and you will not get wet however around you will be rain cascading. I think its melodic because this peice is simple but the contrast of audio (rain/thunder) really creates an ambience and mood. Your immediately immersed because your in this cloud of rain but your protected. You don’t have to do much but stand there and take in whats going on and the beauty of it is that you can come out it with your own interpretation and be completely dry.


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