Helpful Tutorial!

Helpful Tutorial!

Youtube is the best place to learn and share you’re knowledge. Literally if whenever I am looking to find more info or instructions on anything tech I go on youtube even before I look to google as there is no better way to learn than through visuals. This is one I was looking at because I wanted to create transparency through my digital signatures. It was very insightful and detailed. He went through everything and the visual that acompanied was a perfect guide.

I dont even think its just for school based stuff, I search on youtube for cooking tutorials, dance, excerise videos and just lifestyle based guidance. Its a great platform for anyone whose wanting more imformation on any subject. I also really like watching reviews of products and unboxing of new gadgets. Its a glimspe into other peoples world in the case of watching everyday vlogs and such. Very dynamic place that boast a variety of different uses.


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