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Final Installation

Video recording of the balloons installation.


Nici Cumpston

Nici Cumpston I believe brings a very modern art appreciation of the land and the view that aboriginal culture has. Her work depicts the lush and the devastating affect that humans have had. Her work shows her true passion and her path of finding her cultural identity in her aboriginal roots. I personally like the work she created through a tricky shot and a mistaken print.


‘Shelter I & II’ 2011

The original photo proved to be hard to translate her idea of showing the land as security and protection. When the photo printed back to front the mirror affect was found to show the land justice of its sheltering properties. I enjoyed the fact of how out of mistakes can come great success.


Dream time art tells stories and relays the myths that they believe occurred. I found it really intriguing how they used this art form to reconnect to their spirit world and to contact their ancestral powers. This embodying of their past and their land to feel like their spirit is once again rejoined to the world and the spirit world into which they want to be. The way art, body art and sculpting gave them access to this is very fascinating. They are a very spiritual culture and I think it was quite refreshing to read of their love for their land and the unique stories

End of an experimental journey

My internet and media class has come a very pleasant end. I think what I have learnt most from this class is to push. Push further into your work and pieces and find the hidden meanings and representations of what you might be trying to convey. The last project, creating an immersive experience was hard, I think because working in a group it’s just harder for all ideas to gel together but my group worked well. I think that my work could’ve been better but at the time I did put in as much effort and time that I could and can only be happy as I can’t change it now.

I also learnt that it’s about making something and not telling someone how to feel, it’s about interaction and isolation. I want people to leave their everyday life and enter a journey they normally wouldn’t. Feel something that they might not want to or are scared of. The anticipation of it all is very exciting.

I have learnt so many new skills, I now know how to use premiere pro, iMovie, flash and sketch up. I loved using the internet for resources such as tutorials and online reviews of what to use.

All in all, was one of my favourite electives to choose this semester and in my course and I would highly encourage anyone who has a strong interest in creating interactive installations using connective links to the internet with art and social media to enroll. It’s a tangent within itself and it’ll take you beyond what technology and art media is all about.

Art installations at uni







These are some photos of the installation that were placed around my university some time back. It was astonishing to see my uni light up with these interesting atifacts.

It was a visual arts class called installation art. Self explanatory but if tagged along because one piece really caught my eye and I really wanted to know the drive behind it. The Pokemon inspired piece that was made out of floppy discs were intriguing. To begin with when I saw it, I thought it lacked meaning and I actually quite disliked it. Eye catching yes, but nothing else to it. It wasn’t until I asked the artist why he did it and he explained

” he has a friend who found building confronting and daunting, chaotic and busy
Had anxiety over walking in it because of the talk grey bricks.
Wanted to create something that would make the environments safer looking
Pokemon add colour and presence ”

Along those lines, I literally fell inlove with the art because I was drawn to the meaning behind it.


It’s awesome what meaning can take art and the composition of it was brilliantly thought through.

Wearable Art

This stumbled across facebook the other day, it grabbed my attention. This is an artist who has created a piece of wearable art in forms of a dress that is made of tiny screens that become transparent when the user shares something or tweets or becomes active on social media. Immediately when I read about this, the first thought that jumped out was that society thinks that as we share more online we become more “naked” I think that is what she was trying to demonstrate but I disagree with this completely. Yes, I guess our details and photos are all accessible but I disagree that we become more vulnerable. For me, social media is a platform for people to communicate and if not, I think its a place where most of us can say we feel safe. I think that we are more likely to go into a chat room and send a couple message than strike up a conversation with the bus driver. It has almost become a shield for us, we create and mould how it looks and what image we want to present. 


She also explains that in a way she is trying to translate, in the internet world, how much of herself is she revealing without knowing. We are share things online and we probably have lost track of our online but that doesn’t mean we don’t have control. Essentially, if you shut down the computer, turn off your phones. These codes/signals become non existent. We can only connect back to the real world if we disconnect from this virtual realm.