aboriginal art

Nici Cumpston

Nici Cumpston I believe brings a very modern art appreciation of the land and the view that aboriginal culture has. Her work depicts the lush and the devastating affect that humans have had. Her work shows her true passion and her path of finding her cultural identity in her aboriginal roots. I personally like the work she created through a tricky shot and a mistaken print.


‘Shelter I & II’ 2011

The original photo proved to be hard to translate her idea of showing the land as security and protection. When the photo printed back to front the mirror affect was found to show the land justice of its sheltering properties. I enjoyed the fact of how out of mistakes can come great success.



Dream time art tells stories and relays the myths that they believe occurred. I found it really intriguing how they used this art form to reconnect to their spirit world and to contact their ancestral powers. This embodying of their past and their land to feel like their spirit is once again rejoined to the world and the spirit world into which they want to be. The way art, body art and sculpting gave them access to this is very fascinating. They are a very spiritual culture and I think it was quite refreshing to read of their love for their land and the unique stories