Trialling Adobe Flash CC

I found an animation software that I use to used in high school but of course as everything ages, this one aged gracefully. Everything about it has changed, the interface, the symbols, basically to me it looks like a brand new programe. I started off watching youtube tutorials and then having a play with it. It look me a long time to get anything substancial. I wanted to create an animation like video with my signatures. I wanted to create a video process of it from start to finish. Of course it wasnt very easy. Just playing around with it took a long long time. I finally manged to get somewhere anad it looked some what like what I wanted.

What I do enjoy about it is how you can create something quite comical to something quite expressive like mine where Im only using black and white.

What is rain ?

I was searching on youtube for a video of new installations around the world and I came across this one. Its a must watch. My favourite part of this video was the ending, when the interviewer asked what they considered themselves to be they answered very celeverly. One said its open to interpretation and another said it he considered himself an artist and his work demonstrates everything he believes in and theres a motive behind it all. Its wonderful to sometimes see behind the scenes and see what people want you to believe and what their purpose was behind a peice of work.

This piece is essentially rain falling down in a dark room and its kinda of ironic because its inside and its not somewhere you generally see rain. Its a play on interaction and how art only works if someone else is present. The way this peice works is if you walk onto the rain it will stop and the panel you are under will stop and you will not get wet however around you will be rain cascading. I think its melodic because this peice is simple but the contrast of audio (rain/thunder) really creates an ambience and mood. Your immediately immersed because your in this cloud of rain but your protected. You don’t have to do much but stand there and take in whats going on and the beauty of it is that you can come out it with your own interpretation and be completely dry.

Google Interactive

Google Interactive

What is the most visited site in the whole world? Google of course.

Everyone uses Google as a link line to whichever destination they want to reach on the internet.

Have you seen lately that Google’s unique logo has been transformed into different colourful art pieces that are relevant to from pop-culture references? Something that caught my eye is the Rubik cubes x Google logo. It was my natural instinct to just click on it and expect to get onto some advertising page but instead it was spinning around and I even got to play with it then at the end was three linked signs and one would take me to the history, another would be to share since that is just universally available in pretty much everything you nowadays and its extra advertising. They’re still staying true to their own branding because the logo still only has the colours that we know Google to be associated for.

I think this is a great innovative by Google and it allows people to get involved and learn. Its a very subtle way of advertising and making money as well but it doesn’t scare people off because its not intimidating looking or look like a gimmick. I think there is something beautiful to be said when advertising meets art and the two work hand in hand together to work in unity. These days even if your art is good, artists still need to make money and this is a great way for them to get commission and be recognised an a larger platform.

Have a play, its not just a temporary thing, Google always has to these interactive pieces replacing their logos.

Brain Map

The biggest map we take in our journey of life is through the brain. Each sequence contain a condense code, full of triggers that affect our everyday world. From waking up to walking home, its our daily routine that stamps the memorable events and emotions that is attached to them. Our brain records each breathing step we take, the trauma we face, the obstacles we overcome, the joy we find in others and the usual mundane.
To me, a map doesn’t just record where we went; it documents emotions, what we felt and its evolution from the very beginning to the end. It is that little chunk of time that might define and make us who we are after or it might be a pointless wonder. Nonetheless, we choose to repeatedly take its route each day.
Every time we go on holiday or road trip or some significant event, we instinctively grab our cameras. I feel the brain is our internal photo bank that we sometimes disregard because it doesn’t offer any physical evidence. That is the beauty of it all. It allows us to revisit if we want to. It also discards the places/events in our time line that we would rather not relive. However it never chooses to delete. You might eventually forget but it is stored in you forever.
My constant motivator, my best friend always, my worst enemy at times, and the one constant road I take everyday.

Literal interpretation

I really struggled editing and taking the direction of my video and trying to not get so literal. I kept thinking no one is gonna understand if it’s just a sequence of images. I guess as an artist were always trying to make things that are unique but I just felt like especially with the process of making a clip, I was constantly questioning whether to stay simple or go big. I started playing with the new effects I had learnt and some of them worked and some was just way too much and I got caught up with the whole transitions and effects idea.

I think to keep people on their toes, you have to find a niche. An interesting way to represent the literal without it being so in your face.

Just an observation with something I struggled with during this period in the course.

Video phenomenon – first kiss

Im sure many of you have stumbled across this video pop up on your feed through social media platforms. It’s a video of twenty complete strangers sharing the intimate moment of their first kiss. It’s amazing how raw and vulnerable these people are in front the camera.

Something I really adore about this video is it’s ability to connect to others whilst being so simple. Isn’t it profound that just a short 3 minute video could reach and touch so many people. It’s the action that speaks rather than any words and the video has it’s own language.

I also really like how it’s in black and white. That’s really refreshing to see because now days as technology gets better each day, you’re constantly looking at bright and vibrant colours. It’s easy to get lost but a monochromatic theme is really classic and timeless.

As a media student study visual arts, I jump for joy when I find videos such as these. I’m always looking to make pieces that will interact with others and make them step out of their current reality. I struggle to translate my vision with media but this video encapsulated the artists views perfectly and credit to them as it’s not always easy.

Doesn’t it make you question why is it that a video like this goes viral? How something becomes a phenomenon on the internet ?

I think in the end, without it’s embellishments, media art through the net is all about speech and opinions. Whether your commenting or complimenting, it’s a platform for your voice to be heard. Videos such as these are about getting out there and connecting to others visually.