digital art

End of an experimental journey

My internet and media class has come a very pleasant end. I think what I have learnt most from this class is to push. Push further into your work and pieces and find the hidden meanings and representations of what you might be trying to convey. The last project, creating an immersive experience was hard, I think because working in a group it’s just harder for all ideas to gel together but my group worked well. I think that my work could’ve been better but at the time I did put in as much effort and time that I could and can only be happy as I can’t change it now.

I also learnt that it’s about making something and not telling someone how to feel, it’s about interaction and isolation. I want people to leave their everyday life and enter a journey they normally wouldn’t. Feel something that they might not want to or are scared of. The anticipation of it all is very exciting.

I have learnt so many new skills, I now know how to use premiere pro, iMovie, flash and sketch up. I loved using the internet for resources such as tutorials and online reviews of what to use.

All in all, was one of my favourite electives to choose this semester and in my course and I would highly encourage anyone who has a strong interest in creating interactive installations using connective links to the internet with art and social media to enroll. It’s a tangent within itself and it’ll take you beyond what technology and art media is all about.