science art

Wearable Art

This stumbled across facebook the other day, it grabbed my attention. This is an artist who has created a piece of wearable art in forms of a dress that is made of tiny screens that become transparent when the user shares something or tweets or becomes active on social media. Immediately when I read about this, the first thought that jumped out was that society thinks that as we share more online we become more “naked” I think that is what she was trying to demonstrate but I disagree with this completely. Yes, I guess our details and photos are all accessible but I disagree that we become more vulnerable. For me, social media is a platform for people to communicate and if not, I think its a place where most of us can say we feel safe. I think that we are more likely to go into a chat room and send a couple message than strike up a conversation with the bus driver. It has almost become a shield for us, we create and mould how it looks and what image we want to present. 


She also explains that in a way she is trying to translate, in the internet world, how much of herself is she revealing without knowing. We are share things online and we probably have lost track of our online but that doesn’t mean we don’t have control. Essentially, if you shut down the computer, turn off your phones. These codes/signals become non existent. We can only connect back to the real world if we disconnect from this virtual realm.