unisa visual arts

Art installations at uni







These are some photos of the installation that were placed around my university some time back. It was astonishing to see my uni light up with these interesting atifacts.

It was a visual arts class called installation art. Self explanatory but if tagged along because one piece really caught my eye and I really wanted to know the drive behind it. The Pokemon inspired piece that was made out of floppy discs were intriguing. To begin with when I saw it, I thought it lacked meaning and I actually quite disliked it. Eye catching yes, but nothing else to it. It wasn’t until I asked the artist why he did it and he explained

” he has a friend who found building confronting and daunting, chaotic and busy
Had anxiety over walking in it because of the talk grey bricks.
Wanted to create something that would make the environments safer looking
Pokemon add colour and presence ”

Along those lines, I literally fell inlove with the art because I was drawn to the meaning behind it.


It’s awesome what meaning can take art and the composition of it was brilliantly thought through.